Community Conversations – Harwood-style

The Harwood Institute is the go-to place for people and organizations looking for ways to fight against the negative conditions stifling progress in society. They teach and coach people from all walks of life how to move society forward by building stronger communities, bridging divides and creating a culture of shared responsibility. Unlike other groups that support communities, they get to the core of what it takes to create real progress and change. They give people who feel stuck a renewed sense of hope and a real path forward.

Tools from The Harwood Institute have been used by many communities to change the conversation and move forward to shared action.

A sample of The Harwood Institute’s tools is posted below. For a deeper dive, explore their website. The site includes case studies, podcasts, and links to more information and inspiration for change.

The Harwood Institute informs the Westchester Library System’s Community Conversations project. If you’d like to ask about how we use these tools and discuss their application to your organization or community, send us an email using the button below.