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COVID-Related Scams
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What are the current safety guidelines?

Safety guidelines are frequently changing and old or incorrect statements are often shared. Check out these sources for official, current guidelines.

The official Center for Disease Control (CDC) website offers up-to-date suggestions on how you can stay safe even after being fully vaccinated:

Want an easy-to-read summary of these guidelines? Try this article from the New York Times, that is updated regularly.

If you are not yet vaccinated, visit our vaccine information page to learn more about where you can get vaccinated.

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Learn about COVID-19
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Vaccine information
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Testing information
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Get other assistance
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Finding good health information

It can be tough to find what you’re looking for online, and even when you find it, how can you trust what you’re seeing?

Libraries are here to:

      • Help you find information
      • Help you understand information
      • Help you judge information

Take a look at some of our health information resources to learn more!

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COVID-Related Scams

There are currently NO home testing kits

If you are called with an offer for a kit – hang up.

It is a scam.  There are also phishing emails (attempts to steal your passwords) saying they have information on COVID-19 from authoritative sources.  Don’t click on the embedded links or attachments. 

Learn more at the NYS Attorney General website.

Learn about Medicare scams and fraud

See the Senior Medicare Patrol Fraud Alert

Watch out for myths and misinformation around COVID

FEMA Rumor Control

WHO Myth Busters