About Community Conversations in the Library


Community Conversations in the Library is a program that reflects the potential inherent in public libraries.  Each of the 38 member libraries represent an opportunity for all members of a community to come together for an informed exploration of topics that are challenging and highly relevant.  They are designed to provide a space for learning and engagement.  Libraries are staffed by people who are professionally dedicated to the informed functioning of our democracy, which results in a dedication to delivery of accessible, responsive services.

Accordingly, WLS’s goals for Community Conversations in the Library are:

  1. Community education that provides an informed context for exploring current issues.
  2. Dialog with experts and community members that models a thoughtful engagement with diverse perspectives.
  3. Awareness of opportunities for action, from ongoing learning to active support of an issue or project.

There are many topics we hope to address in future conversations.  Would you like to support this effort with a donation or sponsorship?  Email pbrigham@wlsmail.org to keep the conversation going.

To learn more about ways to support your library system, go to this page at westchesterlibraries.org.

For questions about this content, email connections@wlsmail.org.