BREATH-BODY-MIND™ Level 1 Teacher Training will take place in three sessions held on Friday and Saturday. – June 19-20,  July 10-11, and July 31 and August 1. Attendance at all three sessions is required , as well as participation in three one-hour practice sessions held between the sessions. This program will be taught by BREATH-BODY-MIND™ originators, and internationally acclaimed experts, Dr. Richard Brown and Dr. Patricia Gerbarg.

This training is intended for Westchester County healthcare providers and health educators, including social workers, childcare and early intervention providers, and librarians. 

Program costs have been subsidized thanks to a generous NYS Grant in Aid from the Honorable Andrea Stewart-Cousins.  Participants who complete Level 1 training are expected to join our ongoing monthly BBM Interest Group and commit to supporting at least one public program in 2020-2021 as a coach.

Timing for the weekend programs will be as follows:

      • Level 1: Part A
        Friday, June 19, 9-5
        Saturday, June 20, 9-1

        Level 1: Part B
        Friday, July 10, 9-5
        Saturday, July 11, 9-1

        Level 1: Part C
        Friday, July 31, 9-1
        Saturday, August 1, 9-1 

Additional one-hour practice sessions will be offered at several day and evening times to support student schedules.  Students are required to attend at least three sessions in between teaching sessions.

The entire program will be delivered via Zoom video conferencing.  Participants must have either a laptop of desktop computer to access the full features of Zoom, which are essential for online instruction.  (Neither mobile phones nor tablets offer the required features.)


In this first part of the three-level teacher training sequence, which will be taught by BREATH-BODY-MIND™ originators Dr. Richard Brown and Dr. Patricia Gerbarg, you learn to teach the core BBM techniques for stress, anxiety disorders, PTSD, military trauma, post-disaster, depression, ADHD, and stress-related medical conditions. Specific methods taught in this program include:

      • “Ha” breath, coherent breathing, breath moving, and 4-4-6-2 breathing
      • The Four Golden Wheels
      • Body scan, Guided meditation/relaxation
      • Trauma sensitive teaching
      • Introduction to BBM for Children
      • Precautions in teaching individuals with psychiatric and medical conditions
      • Introduction to Integrating Breath Practices with other therapies

Increase understanding of neurophysiological effects of voluntarily regulated breathing practices on emotion regulation, bonding, and cognitive function. Practice teaching while faculty observe and offer suggestions for improvement. Attention is given to creating a safe container, tone of voice, pacing, accuracy of instruction, and trauma sensitivity.  

With the completion of Level-1 Teacher Training participants will acquire the skills to: 

      • Teach the core BBM practices to other individuals.
      • Assist in facilitating Introductory BBM workshops to larger groups
      • Conduct follow-up programs sessions for those seeking ongoing practice
      • Offer further guidance to beginners in these techniques of self-regulation.
      • Help develop programs in their communities and workplaces.

Required reading and listening: Richard P. Brown and Patricia Gerbarg, The Healing Power of the Breath book and CD set.

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