If you have taken a  Level 1 training or completed the Fundamentals Course (with a regular weekly practice), consider registering for these 90minute workshops.

Contact Linda Lentini BBMFLinda@gmail.com

  • March 1, 11AM-1PM
  • April 19 11AM-1PM

is an ongoing program offered by the Westchester Library System offering an experience of gentle movement, breathing and relaxation exercises that reduce stress and anxiety and increase a sense of calm and well-being.  These exercises are simple and evidence-based – which is to say …they work!

Westchester Breathes is grounded in the work of Dr. Richard Brown and Dr. Patricia Gerbarg and their Breath-Body-Mind Foundation.  The coordinating teacher at Westchester Library System is Elena Falcone, WLS’ outreach director and an experienced BBM instructor.

To join a program, explore the calendar.  All library-based programs are – of course –  free of charge.  Several instructors that have worked with our programs also offer free classes; the program description indicates where a donation would be appreciated.  (Thank you Ann, Cecilia, Linda, and Shira!)

The work to make this program available county-wide emerged from the work of the Westchester Resilience Coalition.  To invite Westchester Breathes to your organization or learn more about the Resiience Coalition, please contact us by email or live chat.

WEEKLY PRACTICE SESSIONS. Selected calendars for teachers who have worked with Westchester Breathes.
Workshops offered by BREATH-BODY-MIND™