Everyone should bring:

    1. ID, which can be any of the following
      • Driver’s license or non-driver ID;
      • Birth certificate issued by a state or local government;
      • Current U.S passport or valid foreign passport;
      • Permanent resident card;
      • Certificate of Naturalization or Citizenship;
      • Life insurance policy with birthdate; or
      • Marriage certificate with birthdate.
    2. Appointment confirmation
    3. A copy of the COVID-19 form (https://forms.ny.gov/s3/vaccine)

First responders and eligible groups under age 65 should also bring:

    1. Proof of eligibility for vaccine
    2. Proof of employment status, which can be:
      • Employee ID card or badge
      • A letter from an employer or affiliated organization
      • A pay stub

For children under 18

Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian that can consent to the vaccine on their behalf.