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The Westchester Library System’ is making widely available instruction on simple, effective breathing techniques that have been demonstrated to relieve stress and improve mood, mental focus, and performance.

Westchester Breathes features exercises taught as BREATH-BODY-MIND™ (BBM) – a program of gentle movement, breathing and relaxation exercises that reduce the experience of stress and anxiety and increase a sense of calm and well being.  These exercises are simple and evidence-based in their impact on an array of populations – including children, adults, and individuals with depression or PTSD.

To invite this program to your organization, please contact us by email or live chat.


You are encouraged to learn more by attending a free BBM public program or one of our upcoming training events.  (See the Public Programs button above.)  

It’s been a challenging time – take a breath with us!

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Resources for Westchester Breathes Participants